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In today’s digital world, media interviews happen more often and even when least expected. On-camera interviews are no longer restricted to TV reporters with branded microphones or in-studio interviews. Instead, digital media now interviews executives on handy cameras, and YouTube is full of rushes interviews performed (excellently) by digital reporters and social media journalists.

The GCC region has a unique cultural diversity model, and the challenge goes beyond learning abut the local culture to handling a multicultural workplace. Very few regions around the world offer such a rich cultural experience, where you most likely work next to colleagues from literally every corner in the world.

Business executives require more public speaking skills than professional public speakers. There is never a lack of situations where you need to talk to a wide audience: The board, extended meetings, press conferences, events, and the list goes on.

For all in-house events, mid-management and coordination staff will be required to MC and introduce high executives. While executives can benefit from our Public speaking program, those who will MC in the event will surely need our special Emcee Training workshop. This is an essential course for those who wish to become an effective Master of Ceremonies.

For Arabic executives who find themselves as Arabic spokespeople for their organizations, we have developed our quick Arabic workshop to help them develop confidence in their Arabic speaking skills.